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All Service Musical Electronics Repair


If you can plug it in and make music with it, then we probably work on it!





Proper hook up for mono mode .. most power amps.

We get a lot of power amps in for repair because they have been switched into mono (bridged) mode and were not properly hooked up to run in this mode.
Mono mode in most power amps configures the amp so that 1/2 of the wave form is amplified by each side of the power amp. As a general rule once the unit is switched into mono mode you must use the two red binding post only to hook up your speakers some amplifiers will have a dedicated output for mono mode and this output will be marked as such. Also as a general rule a power amp ran in mono mode does not want to see a total load below 8 ohms. Unless the amp is marked other wise running a speaker load below 8 ohms will either drastically shorten the life of the amp or outright fry it.




All Service Musical Electronics Repair has been providing quality service on all types of electronic musical equipment since 1981. We repair new, used, and vintage musical gear. We are factory authorized for most brands. We do amplifier repair (this includes both tube amplifier repair and solid state amplifier repair) , CD player repair, CD recorder repair, electric guitar repair, effects repair, electric & electronic keyboard repair, microphone repair (standard & wireless microphone repair), multi track repair ( analog & digital ), mixer repair & sound board repair, power amplifier repair, speaker repair, stereo repair, synthesizer repair, Tape recorder repair (cassette recorder repair & reel to reel repair) turntable repair, record player repair & DJ equipment repair. Basically if you can plug it in and make music with it we probably work on it. We also buy and sell used tube amplifiers. Thanks for taking the time to check out our site.